Friday, December 17, 2010

Abbie's Place

Rick and I visited a school this morning in Stamford, CT that we might consider sending Abbie to next year. The school was impressive. The teacher/student ration was 1:4. All kids at the school have learning disabilities, with 70% being language/auditory processing issues. EVERY SINGLE teacher is a licensed special education teacher. The application process is arduous, but it has to be done quickly. Once we apply, if they feel Abbie might be a good candidate, she will be invited to attend school for 2 days there. After that, the teachers and therapists will meet to decide if she will be a good fit or not, and where she should be placed. Once all that is done, we start applying for financial aid. The school is a mere $40,000 a year(: so we would definitely need aid. Our only concern with it is her speech therapy would be much less intense than what she gets now. That is a huge concern, but the class size and environment would be one in which she could thrive and would not stand out like she does now. We are praying for God's timing, direction, and plan.

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