Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ok, Mamaw!

As I was talking to Mamaw, my grandmother, last night, I promised her I would not quit journaling. Since I lose any journals I actually write in, this has been my attempt at journaling. I have gotten so bad at taking the time to do it, so it is my goal to do it at least twice a week. In 20 years, I will be so glad I did it! To just track what life has been like for me, I am happy...genuinely, truly happy. My kids make me smile more than ever before. They play together so well. Brooks is my alpha, is bossy and wound tight, but he is SOOOOO MUCH FUN!! Everyone wants to be around him. Abbie is my gentle soul. She is compassionate, perceptive, and very calming. Though she does not have to be in charge and lets Brooks make a lot of the decisions, when she does not want to do something, she just doesn't. No fighting, kicking, screaming, just does not do it. They are a great match. She has taught Brooks how to exhibit compassion, and Brooks has taught her boldness.

As far as school goes, she is right where she needs to be. In the south, she received 60 minutes total of combined therapies- 2- 20 min speech sessions and 1- 20 min. Here in NY, she receives 300 minutes. YES!!! That is right - 300 minutes!!! 4-30 min private speech and 1-30 minute group speech, 3- 30 minute OT, and 2- 30 min PT. Unbelievable!! Her speech therapist is amazing. Abbie is developing and catching up. She still has a long way to go, but she is getting there. The speech therapist thinks Abbie's auditory processing disorder and ADD is foundational in her delay. She is relaying foundations that were laid incorrectly. Abbie's fine motor control and gross motor skills are improving as well. She can write an A on her own with no instruction, and it looks flawless!! Those of you with "typical" kids have no idea why that is huge, but it is!!! Her ADD meds have had a great impact on her performance. I am starting the process of looking for a neurologist up here. Please pray for success in finding one who is compassionate, patient, a good listener, and very learned!
Brooks loves to learn. He does Abbie's homework right with her. His obsession is cars, cars, cars, and trains! He is very into Barney. We are starting potty training after Christmas. He uses the potty on his own a lot, but he has never been required to, if that makes sense. Strong-willed does not even do his will justice. He has more of an iron clad will, so it should be interesting.
We have a terrific babysitter up here. Well, we have a couple, but I have one girl who watches them more than other. The kids ask if we can go out, so she can babysit. She adores my kids, so it makes us happy!
We were stuck on the side of the road on Sunday when thick sheets of ice covered the roads. Some people were stuck for three and four hours, so we were blessed with just one hour of delay. It was quite frightening. One woman was killed on the road where we were stuck. New Yorkers have said it was the worst experience they have ever had of ice/snow. I was somewhat relieved, because it means it probably won't happen again. I am making Emergency kits for our cars this week, in case something does happen again.

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