Monday, November 30, 2009

Moving through Thanksgiving

Well the Ledfords and Thanksgiving have both come and gone. Abbie got sick on Tuesday, so I was very anxious about our Thanksgiving plans. Our friends got in town at about midnight Wednesday night/Thursday morning. We crashed and then woke up early on Thanksgiving Day. Like the wonderful mother I was, I pumped Motrin into Abbie to bring her fever down and hit the city with our family and the Ledfords. For those that "dream" of coming to the parade in NYC, you see much better on tv. Despite the crowd and lack of view, our kids seemed to really enjoy it and be "along for the ride." We hit FAO Schwartz after watching the parade for about an hour or two. We had lunch, did a lot of walking, and then headed home while the Ledfords stayed a little longer. I am amazed at how well Abbie did and does every time in the city. She never tires out, even with 101 degree fever. She has been begging me to take her to Mamma Mia, so I may make a day out of that after Christmas.
Friday was when we were going to celebrate Thanksgiving.It was play day for Rick and Larry, while Leigh and I cooked...for SIX HOURS!!! To those out there who love cooking, this may sound fun, but to my "I would rather be socializing" self, this was not my idea of a perfect day. After dinner and dessert, Leigh and I hit Starbucks and stayed til midnight. That is my idea of a good time(:
Abbie is still sick...poor girl. We decorated the tree and house for Christmas, but I will talk about that in my next post after I download the pics.

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