Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Vaca

Well, I have finally uploaded pictures from my vacations! WooHoo!! First are the pics from our Family reunion that was canceled but rescheduled as a family trip. Makes sense, right? (: It was supposed to be a trip for about 50-60 family members, but with the oil spill, everyone backed out. So, my dad decided just our family would go.

Everyone but my brother and his wife were able to make it. The pool had a lazy river running around it and a water slide.

I think I liked the slide more than the kids. It was so good to have the cousins get a chance to play together and to get to see my sisters (and spouses of course) and parents. After everyone left the beach, the Julians headed to New Orleans for a little extra vacation. I think the highlight was Cafe DuMonde!
(Brooks chowing down on beignets)
Once back, we had to focus forward and pack for our move! My sister in law, Leah, came to help me pack up. Before that, I had only met her briefly at the wedding and then spent a little shared time with her one weekend. I was so blessed getting to spend one-on-one time with her. I am so glad we got to become friends! She is a sweet, unselfish, unassuming, fun gal!
Our last week there, we also had an outbreak of mice. Say what?!?!? It all started when Rick left a dirty car seat in the garage. Guess what it attracted? MICE! They found their way into the house. We thought we had one until our mouse trap caught 3 baby mice. We kept setting it and catching more. I was very happy to get out of there.
A week after moving in, I left my husband and kids to fend for themselves while one of my dearest friends and I met up in Toronto.

Both of our flights were canceled on the way, so we ended up getting there separately at 1 am. My luggage would not make it for 2 days. On the bright side, I got to buy a new outfit at Delta's expense. WooHoo! The coolest thing we did was eat at the CN Tower 360. It rotates around, so you can see all across and past Toronto. It was beautiful!!! Leigh ordered some weird food, so it was a fun experience.

This was cool too - world's smallest church. It seats 8 people. Pretty cool, huh?

Now I am back and getting settled in the house. School starts in 4 more weeks, so we are still trying to enjoy summer and milk it for all it's worth.

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