Thursday, August 26, 2010

Travel mania continues...

We had such a meaningful time in South Carolina! I think this is the first time in a few years that we did not go because of the death of someone. It was a crazy packed trip, taking a day and a hlaf to get there and the same to get back. Our kids travel very well - no fighting, fussing, or complaining. We are very lucky. Now if they did not have a tv hooked up right in front of them playing the entire 15 hours of the car ride, it may all be a different story. I love the man/woman who invented portable tv/dvd players. Rick had a few meetings wit some churches who are planning mission trips up here to our church in New York this year. My excitement for that is a whole nother story!!! Then we had small pockets of time to see friends and former church members.
Our first night there had me giddy! My best friend turns 40 on Labor Day, so I had coordinated a surprise party for her. She had no ideas whatsoever. We pulled in form our 2 day journey, and I made a mad dash to get ready and out the door to pick Leigh up. I cannot tell you how blessed I was watching her face and feeling her joy at her friends surprising her. We made a point to spend a great deal of time with Rick's foster family. We had dinner with them almost every night which was a special thing for them and us. Usually, we see them briefly and are around for maybe one dinner. I feel as if time has put distance between me and them a little. The time with them this week seemed to bridge us back. The kids slept horribly, and of course, that means we did, too, but everything else was perfect!!!!
On Saturday, I am taking the kids to Ohio to stay with my brother and sister in law for a few days. Once we get back, we have less than a week before Abbie goes back to school. To say I am nervous for her is putting it mildly. She does not like change, so the adjustment will probably be a little rough. I am so thankful most pf her closer friends from last year are with her again. We went up to her school today to see her new classroom. Unfortunately, the teacher was not up there, but the class was put together and looked fun. Brooks will start the week after Abbie. I have a job interview on Wednesday, but I am not sure I am interested. I am interested in working and having an outlet plus a little extra money, though. We will see what happens. The job is at a one on one women's personal training studio.
Marathon training is trucking along. We ran 10.25 this week. I am sore but felt goods doing it. My training partner has lost 40 pounds so far, and I have lost zero. Yep, the doc is baffled. We changed my thyroid meds and are hoping something will happen. We shall see! Well, off to teach Boot Camp!

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