Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Ten Compliments

So I put my sweet husband on a plane today, actually this morning - early. I was hoping I would not sob, but he annoyed my by forgetting his phone and having to take mine. That kept me from crying! That being said, I will not have my cel until Friday. I join him in NYC. I have been twice, but I would love restaurant suggestions.
I really have nothing to blog about per se, so don't expect anything too good out of this one.
I will say I got a message from a friend whose husband went through something similar to Rick. In it, she shared with me how I encouraged her so much by sharing something I thought was obvious. I told her she was a great wife of a church planter. I thought nothing of it, because I was stating the obvious. I found out later how much she needed to hear that - that it had a profound effect on her. It really made me realize how we keep so much to ourselves. We think nice things but often assume someone knows them and never share. That being said, I just want to share some compliments. Here are the first ten compliments that pop in my head. If I do not give you one, it does not mean I do not find you wonderful.
#1 Kylie, you can write! You really are gifted. You can make reading about nothing in particular very entertaining.
#2 Rose, I am proud of what you have done with the mommy podcast (don't know technical terms). That is creative!
#3 Amy, the world does not seem to lure you the way it does most people. Possessions do not matter enough to spend money you do not have.
#4 Millage, I just love you. There is so much about you that there would be no way to describe how much of a beautiful soul mate you are! You are my free version of Tori Spelling!
#5 Mom, you are never lazy. Even when you are dog tired, you do not stop. I admire how you just move forward and get everything done.
#6 Leigh, you are smart and have a sense of generosity and compassion that is uncommon in doctor, science-minded people
#7 Carebear, everyone loves you because you make them feel like they are the funniest, smartest, most interesting people on the planet. Everyone feels special with you.
#8 Rick, you do not know how to lack faith. You have had your butt kicked in ministry, been burned, but you get up and still love to serve Jesus. If I could only have your faith on your lowest days, I would be miles further in this process.
#9 Kim, you are not afraid to be you. That is a rarity in white collar, educated society.
#10 Dad, you never read this but I cannot help it. Your help, listening, and encouragement have helped me get on my feet again.
Those are my ten compliments. I encourage/challenge everyone who reads this to do the same. Maybe not in a blog, but in an email, phone call, letter, over coffee. You have no idea where people are and what they need to hear.


  1. Thank you :)

    I like this idea of a compliment blog-- being the "words of affirmation" girl that I am!

  2. I was honored to be mentioned and you reminded me of the importance of complimenting others. Thank you!