Friday, July 31, 2009

My week

I had high hopes for this blog, but life happened. It seems like that is what the motif is in my life right now. LIFE HAPPENS. I seem to be in a "keep moving forward even when crap its the fan over and over again" mode. I must say, though, that I am blessed. I have a terrific husband who happens to look mucho sexy with his scruff going on, two healthy happy children, friends who bless me so much. I want to blog all about my trip to NY but my camera is dead and my connection cable is stored up in Austin. I keep meaning to find a cable cord but have yet to get it done.
Following Kyle's funeral, I hopped in the car with the kids, got back to TN after 10.5 hrs, packed and left the next morning at 7 AM. I met Rick in NY. We saw 2 movies, ate out, went to NYC for a couple of days, stayed up late and slept in late. AHHH! My sweet mom kept the kids. We toured Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, went through Times Square, went to and walked out of a comedy show, walked all over the city and had an amazing time! Pictures will come soon. On Sunday Ricked preached a sermon that stormed into people's spirits, minds, and hearts. It was like the Spirit came in that Sunday morning like a rushing wind. There were salvations and rededications by many people. IT WAS AMAZING!! NY has been so refreshing. The expectations, the relationships, the openness, the much different than what we have experienced in the south.
We still do not have a direction from God as to where we are to go, when, and how. My faith is weary, but that is why we have brothers and sisters in Christ, to lift us up when we are weary.
I promise to post pics soon. I also realized when I closed my other blog down that many people read my blog that I did not know were reading this. That really touched me. Thanks for caring and sharing life with me.
Oh, and I was hired to teach two classes at University of Memphis in the fall in the Human Movement and Science department. I am pumped!


  1. Darn, I think my last post is gone!

    I wish I could have heard that sermon! And way to go you for the job! Is it on online job or will you be in Memphis? Sounds great!

    Love your blog, keep it up.

    We would also love to have your sister on the show if she is interested Think she would be?

  2. You go teacher! You will be awesome! I'm so glad you and Rick got some quality time together, you certainly deserved it. Hope all is well. I love reading your blog and getting updated on your life. You will continue to be in my prayers as you seek God's direction. Love you!

  3. I am so excited to see what the Lord is doing and where He is leading your precious family! If my family gets to be part of that, then yeah! But if not, I am positive that He has brought us together for a purpose! I am excited for your classes and for big school for your sweet girl. I love keeping up with you this way, thanks for including me. Blessings!!!