Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Update

Hello blog world! it has been awhile. Our computer breathed its last breath about a week and a half ago, and blogging is not so easy on my cel phone. I am borrowing a friend's computer so I can get my fix. Let's see. I am not even remembering my last posts, so forgive me if I repeat. I GOT A JOB! My first interview was at a movie star/politician place. I had no clue how uppity it would be at the time. I had just seen they had a lot of fitness classes. I like people that like others as much as themselves. I am not a "stare at yourself in the mirror" and "think wonderful thoughts about you and only you" kind of gal. I, of course, expressed my disinterest in a very PC way, but the result was NO WAY! After being so turned off, I had my next interview at the Y. Ah, the Y. YMCAs are never known for their awesome facilities or super great pay. They are known, however, for their down-to-earth members and more family friendly feel. Since I feel like I am in another country much of the time up here, I opted for a place that was a little more like home. I was offered a job on the spot and took it! I am going to be training at both YMCAs in Connecticut (only about 15 miles from house), and I will be subbing as well. The coordinator was sweet and genuine, which is worth more than major bucks. The yoga classes pay $50/hr, so I do hope I will be called to sub a couple of those! (: I am also starting a power yoga class at church twice a week. That will give me an outlet as well.
Abbie does not like school AT ALL. She finds being told what to do very frustrating. She also does not see the fun in drawing lines and writing letters. Music and lunchtime are her faves. So far, the teachers seem to be pretty discerning and observant. The north is quite different from the south, and I do not see a lot of hugging and affection from the teachers, but they are good people all the same.
I am teaching high school Sunday School, which is a change for me. I always try to find the greatest need and plug in, which here is youth group. There is so much worldliness up here that their view of holiness and sin is quite different. That is an adjustment to me, to not be on the same page with what is right or wrong. Even when teens do not follow their views, most Christians in the south agree on what is right and wrong.
The other night,I was served water, or so I thought, took a big gulp, and almost spewed. Someone had brought me alcohol. Now to those who drink an occasional glass, not offense. It is just I have had one accidental taste in my ENTIRE LIFE! The taste is none to appealing to me. It was dark outside, and I was really thirsty, so it was no tiny sip. I gulped and then was quite shocked. I said, "Excuse me, this is not water...I think you gave me beer." She apologized and ran inside to figure out what happened. It was an accident, and I am over it, but my antennas will be up. Abbie drinks whatever she sees in hand's reach. She would have no clue and chug away. She will now be on an invisible leash!
Despite the trials up here, I know this is where we are to be.The people in our church are really sweet and accepting. They love on my children. All the teenager girls adore Brooks, and he eats it up! They are very very different from our former nightmare of a church, so I find myself softening and healing even more. I am still homesick for my close friends. Moving so much has been hard, and I do long for the familiarity of my best friends.
I leave on Tuesday to go to Germantown for Kim's wedding. My sis gets married Saturday, and my brother the beginning of January, and then we are all married! I have never met my brother's future wife, so I am very excited about meeting her this coming weekend.
Hopefully we will have a new computer soon, and I can be more "in touch" with the blogworld!

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