Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The start of Kim's wedding week!

I enjoy coming to my hometown, Germantown, especially when I have the time and freedom to see close friends. Brooks and I arrived on Tuesday night. It was actually the afternoon, but after my luggage did not arrive, we were delayed an hour and a half trying to sort things out. Someone mistook my suitcase for his/hers, and they left with all of our clothes for the wedding. Yikes! As I stressed and prayed, I was given a $50 limit from Delta to go shopping. They said if I spent it before they brought my luggage, they would still reimburse my receipts. I headed to one of my faves - Target! They did, in fact, find my suitcase this afternoon, and I got my clothes and my $50 worth of purchases. Thank you Jesus! I am sensing God is trying to teach me to chill out. I stress so much with the unknown or unresolved, and most times for no reason. I trust in God fully, but trusting is harder than trusting IN.
I had dinner at my favorite sushi place tonight. Before you barf, I only eat cooked sushi. I so do not find raw fish remotely appealing. I had the MiMi roll....YUMMY!!! One of my best friends met me there for some food and fun. Tomorrow will be time with grandparents, hopefully with one of my bffs, Nora, and then to pick up Rick and Abs from airport. I am teaching 2 classes in the morning, back-to-back. I hope I can walk on Friday. I do have a fun yet classy little black dress to wear.
Friday morning is a bridesmaids' brunch, mani/pedi bonding, rehearsal and dinner, and then Kimmie gets married on Saturday!
Now off the get my boy dressed for bed and then sack out myself. 'Night!

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