Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dress up, Clean Up, Plan Up, and Heal Up!

OH HAPPY DAYYYYYYYS!!! That would be the theme of my life! I cannot tell you how freeing and amazing it has been to live up here. Despite the liberalism and major life adjustments, there is a sense of peace that has been developing within my soul. So many times as a pastor's wife, I feel undue pressure on me as to where to go, what to do, what to say, who to be....and so on. After a really bad nightmare of an experience, I did not think I would ever enjoy ministry. This church has been so refreshing. There are NO NO NO expectations of me except to love my family. Every church says that, but this church actually meant it. Funny thing is, I find myself wanting to do more than I have before.You see, when I feel pressured or forced to do something, I withdraw, shut down, check out, etc. Because there is none of that here, I am just me. I am getting to find my "ministry me" again. It is fun, fulfilling, satisfying, blessed! I am teaching yoga twice a week at the church, have participated in the choir/worship team, have lunch with people in the church from my own choice, and I get to actually make friends. I do not have to dance around to show the major tithers that they matter more. I never ever ever would have thought that I would find freedom in ministry up north. So much is taken for granted in our southern mindset and faith. Things are different here. Now don't get me wrong, I need your prayers, because satan is very very active up here. I just feel freer than I have in a long time!

Abbie still does not like school, but she is adjusting. The special ed staff is very very on top of things here. We have our ARD in a couples of weeks, but for once I do not feel like I am fighting to have them hear my concerns - they see them! Her school has so many functions and activities. The other night, we had a Harvest Festival. We were the only ones dressed up. I did not even notice that until my sweet husband pointed out how dorky we looked. I am sorry, I figured if there was a pumpkin carving contest, Halloween games, snacks, and crafts, then it would include costumes! Anyhow, here are some pics from that night.
Abbie was a cheetah!

Brooks was a fireman

This last picture is from a themed diner we ate at before the party. They served the kids in little make-shift cars. Brooks was so excited!

This past Sunday, I was able to be on the worship team. I have not done that since high school. It was an awesome weekend. The Spirit really was moving. I teach in the morning for the first time at the YMCA in the morning. There is no microphone in the room I will be in, so I am a bit anxious. My accent and their disdain for step also puts some butterflies in the tummy. Other than that, I am excited! This is a very busy week - from work to a fundraiser ball, to having the church Pumpkin party at our house. Mix that with a broken washing machine, still unpacking, and some other commitments, and I am definitely going on no-stop adrenaline! Next week, one of my best friends in the whole wide world, comes to see me! COUNT DOWNNNNNNN!!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot, here is a picture of our church sanctuary. The church is made up of multiple buildings, with the sanctuary being on its own. It is beautiful!


  1. What a week! You're almost halfway through! Your church building is SO pretty! Glad you are feeling peaceful...

  2. what a picturesque church. i am so glad it is going well so far! i'm adding you to my blog roll...i hope that is okay...let me know. and i will say a prayer that abbie will continue to adjust to school. :)

  3. that was me, deidre booker, it would only post as anonymous...