Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Little Man!

My baby is three today!! I cannot believe it!! Where has the time gone? As I was telling him his "birth story" last night, I was overcome with emotion and feeling like it was just yesterday. I remember how he was in utero. He would kick at precisely the same time every day for close to the same length of time. He was so routine and predictable. Then the delivery - what an easy, amazing experience. I went in to a scheduled induction the day before his due date. They gave me the drip, checked me, told me I was 3, that they would wait a few hours to check me again, knowing the process with Abbie was very slow. I did not want an early epidural with Brooks, because I wanted to "feel" the experience. Very soon after, I called the nurse in, telling her I think I had progressed a lot. She assured me that it was too quick but she would check anyway. Needless to say, I was a 7. We got that epidural in quickly! Not even 10 minutes later, she came back in to check me, but her check was visual - there was my buddy's head! My doc was in surgery, so she said I would have to just "hold tight". Yeah right! (: The doc hustled in and sat down. He said, just stay like you are. This baby is just coming out by himself. Doctor Moore put his hand on my belly and Brooks entered the world! Whew! I should have known his personality already - he likes predictable and routine. He is intense. He is an "I can do it all by myself" kind of guy! And he is so much more. Every day he makes me laugh; every day he makes my heart warm; every day he challenges me; every day he inspires me. He is so verbal. He has an opinion about everything and likes to feel like he is in complete control at all times. He is so smart and perceptive! He has an opinion about what he should wear and is obsessed with shoes. I could not imagine life without him. Thank you God for entrusting this sweet soul to me! Happy 3rd birthday, sweet boy Brooks!

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