Saturday, April 24, 2010

Celebrating Brooks's 3rd!

We had a great weekend! It was all about Brooks. On Friday night we celebrated his birthday as a family. After cooking cheeseburger dip all day, he decides he does not want that and wants McDonalds. Obviously, on their birthday, they get whatever they want. I have a "You are Special" plate that the birthday boy/girl eats on, so he still did that!

After eating cake, Brooks opened his presents. Needless to say, he hit the jackpot.

I am shocked we ever got him to fall asleep, but once he did, I went to work preparing for his birthday party on Saturday. After all invites were sent out, Brooks informed Rick and me he wanted to have it at the church. Guess what? What birthday boy wants, he gets! I was a little worried this morning after getting a call that a child that was supposed to come was sick. Two more were already sick. Luckily, everyone else showed up. Since everyone was starving, lunch came first!

Once we filled our bellies, it was craft time. I had a beach bucket for each kid and tons of stuff to decorate them with like stickers, markers, etc. They seemed to enjoy it. After making their buckets, we went outside to play a few rounds with a pinata and fill our buckets with candy!

After that, more cake! My son has suddenly decided he has an aversion to silverware, so he again ate cake with his fingers.

Everyone knows what follows cake....PRESENTS!!! Brooks again hit the JACKPOT!

The party ended with free play on the playground. Abbie was the only one who came out not covered in dirt.

And since these two love to hug each other, they had to get a goodbye hug!

I had to include a picture of 2 of my favorite people in New York! It is hard to be so far away from family, but these two ladies filled in and helped me feel relaxed and on top of things!

Now is the crash from it all. After everyone got naps, Brooks is now playing with all of his toys.

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