Sunday, May 2, 2010

Current Events

As I sit typing on my computer, my house is a wreck, my husband and daughter are snoozing peacefully, and my son is happily playing cars in his room. I stepped over numerous toys and necessary chores to sit down and type! A few minutes ago I was cuddled next to my daughter, when suddenly I was awakened by horrendous heartburn. I am talking about keeled over, please save me God, sharp pain heartburn! I thought I would do something that required sitting up since lying down was too painful. Thus, I am blogging! Nothing earth shattering has gone on, just the normal hum drum of life. I have dealt with a lot of worry over where Abbie will be next year, as far as placement goes. She will movie up to first grade, but it is undecided which school she will attend. For various reasons, I am certain she should stay where she is. I scheduled an appointment with her speech pathologist last Friday. After meeting with her, I am even more certain Abbie should stay at her current school. This lady, though not a believer, loves my daughter more than any other educator she has had in the schools. She is devoted to Abbie, values Abbie, gets Abbie, and advocates for Abbie. I am blown away that someone who is not motivated by Jesus gives so much of her skill, time, and energy out of love for another. How humbling it is to me to take time to minister to others wholeheartedly, to give my first fruits instead of waiting to see what time/energy I have left over to serve.
Brooks is blowing me away. He is so verbal and expressive. He had his first swim lesson on Friday. Now, before I tell you how it turned out, let me tell you how he is normally around water. He loves loves loves it. Last summer, I had to watch him nonstop around the pool. He would run and just jump in the water - no fear. He loves it. However, (I am sure you know what is coming) on Friday, gone was that fearless child. He got in the water and grabbed onto the side with a death grip. He was doing as asked until Daddy appeared on the pool deck. Immediately, the screams erupted. After a few minutes, Daddy made an exit. Then it became, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Help me! I scared! Mommy..." over and over and over again for the entire class. I left the deck and hid in the dressing from for the last 15 minutes but the crying continued anyway. We are hoping things are different this week.
This coming week is mucho mucho busy. I have a packed schedule in the day and at night most of the nights. I am preaching this coming Sunday and am a little, no, a lot, anxious about it. I am trying to figure out when I will have time to write and memorize it. Because Rick lost his brother and mother this past year, I know the day will be difficult for him. This is one way I feel I can lighten the burden of his heart.

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