Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Jumpin' Bean!!

I can hardly believe tomorrow is my sweet firstborn daughter's 6th birthday! I cannot even think about it without getting tears in my eyes. I remember everything, from when they told me they thought I might be miscarrying at 8 weeks to falling on my face pleading God to spare her, to the first ultrasound at 10 weeks (where she bounced around with her bud of an arm almost in a wave). This is where she gets one of her nicknames "Jumpin' Bean" I remember being readmitted into the hospital with her at a few days old because of her jaundice. I was so scared, but God was faithful. Abbie has always loved being held by her Mommy and Daddy. We used to lay her on her tummy on our chest and gently "jiggle" her, and she was a snoozer in minutes. I sang more to that child than anyone would even believe. I think that is why, to this day, she responds so well to music.
Everything about Abbie is gentle and beautiful. She has a prayer life that is well beyond her 6 years of age. She prays for people and then I will get a phone call a day or so later from that person asking for prayer because something happened. She tells her teachers about Jesus and prays for them, and they don't get offended (which is a big big big deal up here outside NYC). She is a walking evangelist and such a comforter to those who are lonely or hurting. People tell me they feel "seen" and at peace around my child. I know I feel this way. She brings the spirit of Christ wherever she goes. I am humbled DAILY by her grace, gentleness, acceptance, and peace. I can not imagine life without my angel.
Abbie, having never been taught or asked, has started cleaning up after dinner. She takes her plate and empties it in the trash and then sets it in the sink. She then takes ours and does the same thing, after which she asks for a towel to wipe the table.
And boy is Abbie fun and funny. She comes up with the funniest remarks and loooooves a reason to shake her bootay! Last weekend we went with my Mom to see Mamma Mia, and I about melted in my seat. She knew the words to the songs and held up her finger as a microphone and sang along with the cast. I am sure the people next to us were not as amused, but my Mom and I had a ball watching her.
People always ask if she is a Daddy's girl. She adores her Daddy and at times, she is, but she is definitely a Momma's girl. I am still shocked God trusted me with her as a child, and I am so thankful for the day she was born! Happy birthday Abs!

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