Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Content and Happy

After talking to a girlfriend from college the other night about our blogs, I realized I needed to check in! Can I just mention that despite the stress of moving again (same town, different house) and being waaaaay too busy, I am just plain happy. I am actually a word I have not been in awhile - content. I truly believe we are right where God wants us to be. My daughter Abbie is finishing up her last week of kindergarten here in New York. I am filled with so many emotions. New York has surprised me. People here are so real. They are dedicated, hard working people. Though 90 percent (at least) of those working with Abbie are not Christians, they live, work, and treat others in a way that is humbling to me as a Christian. Ms Chamberlain, Abbie's speech therapist, is the biggest reason I am thrilled with Abbie's schooling. As we talked the other day, and I was telling her how wonderful and amazing she is (as I do almost every time we talk), she told me, "Rachel, you may think I am blessing and changing Abbie's life, but really she is just as equally blessing and changing mine." She went on some more after that, but I was blown away. Abbie, in the heart of liberalism, agnosticism, and atheism, is being used as a light to those around her. Her PT is a member of our church and told me that Abbie just openly talks about God and prayer without a second thought, and the teachers actually listen. People that would normally shut down a conversation and not even listen are allowing this precious 6 year old girl to share the Gospel!!! I am humbled that God brought us up here not just for Rick's job but for Abbie's!!!!! Abbie's delays are being used to advance the Kingdom in ways no one else could. It is thrilling!
The church is growing, too. Up here, things move slowly. We are working against culture. It is not PC to go to church, much less be a Christian. When I tell people Rick is a pastor, you can almost hear a pin drop in the room. It is quite amusing yet sad. I remember back to a year ago, when we were deciding about moving up here permanently, I told Rick I flat out refused to move up here. Now, you can see who wins in our house!! (: Really, God made Himself very clear, and we all won because of it. The church family has been so healing to us, after what we went through at our former church. No one expects anything of me except to love my family. Because of that, I actually am finding myself desiring to do and enjoying ministry! I teach a weekly yoga session at church and teach youth SS girls. Rick and I have been doing counseling for some couples in our church as well. Guess what? I looooooooove church! How refreshing! I know, some are shocked that a pastor's wife would admit to ever feeling another way. Hey, I'm a northerner now, so I am just telling it like it is!!!
Life is too short to aim to please everybody. I am learning to focus upward only and let everything else go. I always laugh when I think that God brought me to liberal land to bring me such freedom. Please join me in praying for the lost souls of NY and for opportunities to reach them!!
Ok, here are some pics from over the past month.
This first one was when Abbie, Mom, and I went into the city together

This is taken in Central Park

I love this picture. It was actually taken at Abbie's Field Day

This was at DD one morning before church. I promised if they cooperated and got out the door early, we could treat ourselves before church. Mom got her coffee, and the kids got their donuts!


  1. i love this post. i love when people are open and honest and show that things aren't always perfect, but GOD IS! YAY abbie for being salt and light at school.

  2. This made my heart so glad for you. And what a blessing for you and your family to be such a light in the darkness. When I read this earlier - Little M wanted me to write, "Tell Abbie I love her. And Brooks too!" Miss you, friend.