Saturday, September 5, 2009


Just the other day my grandmother was encouraging me to journal. I told her I did on a blog. I realized, though, that I do not include day-t-day things, just the bigger things. I thought I would fulfill my promise and get back to the day-to-day I had promised.
Abbie: Her body is becoming more coordinated and agile. I am so proud of her in the changes I see. Just tonight we went to the park with my dad. I watched her climb a rounded runged ladder and slide down two very tall slides. For most of you, this is no big deal, but for Abs, it is a HUGE deal. She is becoming more aware proprioreceptively and more confident in her movements because of this. Her sense of humor is great, and she hears absolutely everything. She may be carrying on a conversation with Brooks, playing with a doll, and watching tv, but she still hears and remembers something someone across the room is saying. She also has become ticklish as of late, which is hilarious! She and I have begun to butt heads a lot more, and that makes me sad. On a happy note, she lets me paint her nails. GIRL TIME!!
Brooks: His obsession is lollipops. He would eat them 24-7 is allowed. He asks me for them around the clock, hoping I will eventually say YES. When I do, he pats the floor and says, "Put it right here, Mommy. Put it right here." He likes to pick it up and open it himself. I have busted him dragging a toy tub into the kitchen so he could reach the lollipops. He walked in the room with three unfolded lollipops gathered together, licking them excitedly. He also is talking a mile a minute. He is the most ticklish human being, loves to laugh and be active. Brooks has become very into his Daddy, which is sweet to watch, but I must say I miss being the center of his universe. Still, I know it is so healthy and that Rick loves it! Brooks has also begun talking a lot about the potty and warns before he poops, or at least right when he starts. As soon as get to New York and get settled, potty training will begin. Hey, I know the perfect bribe, I mean, reward(:"perfect" for him. What they need is what he was created to give and be. It is exciting to watch. I truly believe revival is coming to New York, and I am thrilled to think we might be a part of it. The fields are so ripe for harvest. The laborers are few, but God did say the faith if a mustard seed can move mountains.
Rick: He is in New York right now. He drove the car up and arrived this evening. I truly believe New York is the closest pastorate to being
I think I am learning to be more content. I have begun to realize that I spent about 30 years with a spiritual report card on myself. I did the DOs and refrained from all the DON'T DO's. I would not say everything I have been through has made me any godlier, but it has led me to burn my mental spiritual report cards. Contentment is a hard thing to learn, but I am getting there. My amazing husband is so patient with me and is, for the most part, a better person. I do not mean he has any more value, just that being a patient, kind, selfless person is more natural. It takes more work for me, but it is finally taking root. Praise the Lord!

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