Friday, September 25, 2009

Down the tubes.

OH MY LIBERAL GOSH! On the news last night I listened as a group of kindergartners singing odes and other sappy songs about Barrack Obama. This same school has barred the pledge of allegiance because it includes GOD in it. However, one song they sang about Obama was set to the tune JESUS LOVES ME. Are you absolutely kidding me?! Our country seems to be going down the liberal tubes. I ask myself why the Christians are so silent. Why do we let them say we are judgemental and closed-minded and shut up because of these accusation?! We avoid "liberal" occupations because of the fact that they are too liberal, but now look at our country. I wish I had done law school some days, because I could sit myself in a government seat and try to make a difference there. We have got to be on our knees pleading for God's conviction and mercy on our great country that is becoming more and more unrecognizable. If we leave God out of our school and community, we are the ones who are doomed.
Oh and thankfully Abbie is learning the pledge of allegiance at her school, right here in the heart of NY. I am so glad we are not in NJ or CT. They are so much more liberal.

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