Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kim's weekend

Last weekend I was in Germantown (my hometown) for my sister's showers. She planned all her showers in one weekend to make it easier for out of towners. The first one was Friday night. It was a shrimp broil hosted by Andrew's friends. The whole thing was cool. They had tents set up outside and had the whole ambiance going on. My dad stood up to say something and these were his words,"Marriage is about give and take. Your mother has been giving it for 40 years, and I have been taking it." He so did not mean it in a sensual way,, but everyone under forty took it that way. He had no idea until we explained what we thought it meant. SO FUNNY!!!
This is a pic of Kim and Nora, one of our dearest friends.

The next morning was a brunch hosted by some of my mom' friends. Looking at the pic, you will realize my mom has lots of friends. I was shocked at the number hosting it. It was very classy and elegant.

This is a pic of my cousins and me. The coffee punch they served was TO DIE FOR, so I hung out close to that.

Here I am with my Nora!

Saturday night was the lingerie shower and bachelorette party. We started out at a sushi restaurant. We got to sit on pillows around a huge table. We were on a platform behind sliding doors. I felt very cool, I must admit. Some people were eating raw, stinky fish, but I stuck with the cooked stuff!
My pics will be kept to a minimum here for this one, not that there was anything questionable!
This was taken of my cousin Sara and I. We were drinking the nonalcoholic Mojitoes(or however you spell it).
(By the way, I do not know why this text is underlined. I can't fix it. It is driving my OCD crazy

And here are the hostesses for this one! We got some cute scarves for our hostess gift and decided to wear them for the pic.

Now the countdown has begun for Kimmie's wedding! It will be three weeks from today. YAY!!!

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